Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I would like to say this is a good article, but it's not! Omitting Amish taxi use in the equation is too big of an error. Once that cost is included it becomes painfully obvious that the horse and buggy is an archaic decoration that serves no practical function. But, God forbid someone point out the obvious. Fuck-em, fuck-em all!
There was a time when maintaining a horse and buggy blended seamlessly with farm culture. Today's non-farming Amish have the additional cost of a barn which they otherwise wouldn't use. Comparatively, a car takes up a lot less space than a horse and buggy, plus hay and bedding. Fuck, a car can be parked on the street! Someone needs to look up the definition of "research"!
If he wants to redeem himself he could write about the disproportionate burden these costs have on lower income non-farming Amish.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Straight talk

It's time to recognize that marrying near cousins can create genetic
disasters that cause great suffering for children and staggering hospital bills
for parents.

Why should one group be singled out for special treatment?

Monday, July 7, 2008


In other words they're making shit up!

Weaver says Amish "Dutch'' not only has added English words but has altered
German words.
"From generation to generation, each of them speaks a little
worse and that's how language deteriorates,'' she says. "They think they speak
German, but it's not. It's their own invention.''
The Amish place little
emphasis on proper terminology, she says.
"This is not a criticism for the
Amish,'' she explains. "It's purely from a linguistic point of view. The way
they say things is their own kind of Bird-in-Hand language.''

It's no secret that losing your language is a grave threat to your identity, but, oh no! nobody dares to say the obvious, that the Amish are doing something really stupid! The hack that wrote the article could have interviewed someone knowledgeable on the impact of not maintaining language, but instead we'll just have a circle jerk about how hunky dory things are with the Amish. Fuck him! And everyone else that enables this romantic bull shit!