Monday, May 19, 2008


How many million words were printed to convey the tragic events of the
Nickel Mines school shooting? Was there one tiny reference to whether
the police handled things appropriately?
The two definitive naratives that emerged were the heroism of the
police and the forgiveness from the Amish. Both were portrayed as
beyound reproach. I believe the Amish and the non-Amish would be well
served by taking a second look and asking some hard questions. One
question the Amish need to answer is, since the police were willing to
risk their lives for them, is there anything important enough that is
worth putting our lives on the line for? If there is nothing, then the
Amish have become a ward of the State.
Nothing could be more detrimental to the authenticity of their faith.

Good Bye Cruel World

Harvey Yoder, the author of "The Happening", gave me a verbal
confirmation this morning that his portrayal of a "pounding on the
door, something heavy was being used, then the shooting started." was
accurate. He even went further than that in stating that, "the police
were breaking in, when the shooting started". The State Police
Commisioner Jeffery Miller has publicly denied this version of events.
So who is right? Does any one even care? I can't fathom that this
event wasn't horrendously mis-handled by the police. But when the
Amish are involved it just fucking doesn't matter. Create what ever
God damned reality you want, everyones a hero.